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web searchThe Top 10 Free SEO Tools for Small Business are focused primarily on assessing your current site and providing tools for continuing to monitor your SEO progress. No single tool can help small businesses in developing or executing an SEO strategy and you are unlikely to find any single piece of software to do it for you. SEO is something which is unique to each website, depending on your industry, competitors, keywords, content, location and objectives. To develop and execute your SEO plan we would strongly recommend employing the services of an SEO professional such as Flashburn to assist.

None the less, the tools listed here are worthwhile exploring in order to gather some intelligence about your site and develop an understanding of exactly what SEO is before making an informed decision.

    Google Analytics – The best free resource for gathering statistical data about your website visitors. Google Analytics will maintain a history of your website traffic and ensure you have a means of measuring the effectiveness of any SEO strategy in the future. You’ll need to install some specific code on your site so that Google can log the data correctly.
    Google Webmaster Tools – A range of tools available to webmasters which ensure your site is available and ready to be properly indexed by Google. Of particular interest here is the ability to upload sitemap information to ensure Google is indexing all the content areas across your website.
    Firefox Toolbar by SEOBook – A range of SEO tools for Firefox. Of particular note are the Page Rank (Googles ranking of your website from 1-10) and SEO X-ray which provides a summary of internal and external links to your site as well as keyword density.
    Keyword Suggestion Tool by SEOBook– A fantastic resource for identifying the types of keywords which are being searched for specific to your industry. Simply enter the keyword and the tool will return the total number of searches for the last day/month from Google, Yahoo and MSN. Valuable for determining which keywords you should be utilising in your own SEO strategy.
    MultiRank Checker by – Similar to the Page Ranking in point 3 but offers you a means of ranking your site against a list of competitors without have to visit each site individually.
    WebCEO – A stand-alone toolset which provides a range of site analysis and reporting functions. A steep learning curve if you are just starting out but well worth investing some time in learning.
    Spider Viewer A fantastic tool which allows you to input any web page URL and have it return a complete summary of many SEO elements including keywords, title, description, page size, page links, total number of words, total number of distinct words and the web page code.
    Site Comparison Tool by Just Search – Allows you to input two url's and run a number of tests on them to compare the most important aspects of search engine optimisation for both sites. Presents results as a visual radar, comparing both sites. A fantastic way of comparing your site with the competition to get an estimate of the amount of SEO work you may need to do.
    Alexa Site Info – THE Web Information and site ranking site. Check your website ranking in comparison to the rest of the world. (For new sites the results can be rather depressing).
    Raven SEO Tools - Whilst not strictly just SEO tools (nor entirely free for that matter) Raven supply a range of internet marketing and SEO tools for managing campaigns. You can sign up for a 30 day free trial.

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Andrew Jackman is the Managing Director of Flashburn Design, a web development, marketing and web hosting company based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Content Management Systems and e-commerce websites.


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